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About us

Törmänhovi is an excellent setting for parties, meetings or leisure time activities. And have you already tasted our famous breads, made in our very own bakery?
What we offer:


  • Venue for parties and meetings
  • Catering and bakery
  • Accommodation
  • Sauna
  • Finnish sauna treatments (peat bath and salt sauna therapy)
  • Campfire with a small shelter
  • An outside pavilion/shelter
  • A big yard and free parking space

In Törmänhovi’s neighbour there is the Wanha Woima museum, which displays the life, equipment, and machinery of the old days. There is also a horse stable, Ratsu-Ateljee, nearby. Enjoy the peaceful nature on the nearby jogging trails and ski tracks, or take a hike on a nature trail. The beautiful Pyhäjoki river courses through the city.

The city center of Oulainen is about 3 kilometres away from Törmänhovi. There are shops, cafés, restaurants, a cinema and much more downtown.


Did you know?


Törmänhovi was once known as Lastumäki. The first part of the building was built in 1916 as a retirement home for old people and other long-stay patients. In 1938 the building was extended. It has also housed a war-time hospital, and a maternity ward. Lastumäki was a retirement home until 1990. After that, the name of the building was changed to Törmänhovi, and it became an inn, an event venue and much more.

Saukontie 12 - 86300 Oulainen - Puh: 040 769 5274 -
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